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Our Mission -

The Australian Flute Society was inaugurated in 1970

Flute Trio The Australian Flute Society - was formed as a national resource for local societies and flute players from throughout Australia.
As a "not for profit" organisation it works to support, arrange and promote, flute related events throughout Australia.
Each state flute society pays an annual membership fee entitling it to representation on the national committee, access to the AFS support, the entitlement to hold the National Australian flute Convention and financial and logistical support to hold this event


flute keys Into the second millenium - with the Australian Flute Society.
Since it's inseption the Australiian flute Society has worked to support and develop interest in the flute in an ever changing environment. Recent times have seen the biggest changes yet. As conventions become larger and more complex so the level of commitment required in organising such events has become more demanding and financial backing crucial.

The Australian Flute Society is now in something of a holding pattern.
Conventions are currently being organised by local societies and corporate interests with no specific input by the Australian Flute Society Inc.

While State societies continue to function, the National body: Australian Flute Society, is currently " moth-balled" with the exception of its one functioning role of administering the David Cubbin Memorial fund, which provides financial help for players to attend flute events.

Should you wish to discuss the Society's role in the Australian flute scene, or have an interest in being involved in the society please join the discussion group on this site or contact The president The President